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Are you a permanent Green Card holder?

– Do you know where you can have Green Card renewed, replaced, or updated;
– When your Green Card expires or is set to expire within the following six months;
– Your card was damaged, stolen, or lost;
– If your Green Card contains incorrect information on the fault of USCIS;
– If you received your Green Card before the age of 14, you must replace it as soon as you turn 14;
– If the USCIS has issued you a Green Card, but you have not received it for various reasons;
– If your biographical information, name, surname, or other details have changed since the last time you earned your Green Card;
– If your Green Card is out of date or is about to expire in the next six months.

To replace your card, you need to submit an I-90 form. Please note that you cannot use the I-90 form to replace the Green Card if you are a temporary resident.

Only if you are physically in the United States you may replace your card. This is impossible to perform outside of the country.

Depending on the cause for replacing the Green Card, I-90 can be issued for free, for example, replacement of the card owing to a data error due to DHS’s fault, or you will have to pay a fee of $455.

Typically, the validity period is 10 years from the date of issuance. However, Green Cards from the previous sample were distributed without a deadline. These cards must be replaced with new ones.

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