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Declaration for political asylum cases

The protection offered by a state to people who have fled their country as political refugees is known as political asylum. According to US immigration law, political asylum is granted to people who are already in the country but are unable or unwilling to leave because of persecution or a legitimate fear of persecution in their home country. These persecutions must be motivated by at least one of the following five factors: racial or religious identity, nationality, membership in a particular social group, political viewpoint, or membership in another country. The petitioner must, however, back up their assertions.

Political asylum in the United States

An applicant may request political asylum on more than one ground in a single instance. For instance, a person might experience persecution for both their political convictions and their race at the same time.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind when crafting the narrative for your case is to offer accurate facts. We strongly advise avoiding inventing or submitting false information because lying can be easily exposed during an officer’s interrogation and cannot be objectively backed by any reliable proof.

You are always the one who writes the narrative that serves as the foundation of your argument. In essence, your tale is an autobiography in which you list the events that have happened in order. It is important to begin by giving some background information about yourself, your home country, the number of family members you have, and a brief summary of the reasons you are being persecuted. In other words, describe how one or more of the five reasons are the reason(s) you are (or could be) being persecuted.

Give details regarding particular instances of persecution next. These could include verbal or physical abuse from the public, repression of your constitutional rights, infringement of human rights, freedom of religion, nonviolent protests, or the expression of your thoughts.

Your tale has many important details, which is why Arvian Law Firm, an immigration law firm, carefully considers it. Following the initial assessment, the immigration attorney could ask for more information regarding the place and timing of the narrated events, data regarding any witnesses who could verify your narrative, and any written proof that either directly or indirectly corroborates your statements. The specifics in your account show that the described events really did take place, and an officer would not be able to suspect otherwise. It is important to note that inconsistencies in the account or in the documentation, as well as disparities between the written history and the interviewee’s spoken claims, may be grounds for refusing political asylum.

Seeking political asylum

You should independently structure your narrative because there are no restrictions on the form and format of writing the story at the legislative level. Do not look for parallels or base your argument on the case of another person. Every narrative and circumstance is unique. Otherwise, if plagiarism is discovered during the story’s verification, it may give the appearance that facts were borrowed and the truth was hidden, which may lead to denial.

The USCIS officer reviews both the written material and the witness testimony while reviewing your case. Each document needs to meet certain requirements that attest to its validity. Written witness testimony should be freely formulated and include each witness’s name, date, and other pertinent information.

Among the evidence that can be used are:

  • summons to law enforcement or military recruitment offices; medical records and certificates attesting to physical injuries;
  • professional assessments of the type and likely causes of injuries;
  • threat audio or video recordings;
  • correspondence, witness testimony, and other proof.

It is advised to explain your reasoning for leaving the country, how you came to that decision, and why you opted to settle in the United States in the conclusion section of your account.

The immigration attorneys at Arvian Law Firm can give you professional consultations, carefully examine your grounds, and guide you through the political asylum application process, despite the numerous intricacies to take into account when building a case for a request for political asylum.

They have a wealth of knowledge and can provide helpful direction at every stage of the process. They can assist you in making a compelling case for political asylum by carefully examining your particular set of circumstances.

While there are many things to think about, the immigration attorneys at Arvian Law Firm can offer you professional guidance adapted to your particular circumstances. They will help you navigate the intricate application procedure and make sure that you make a strong, well-supported argument.

What does a political asylum attorney do?

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the validity of your application for political asylum depends on the veracity and trustworthiness of your account as well as the supporting documentation. The Arvian Law Firm’s immigration attorneys can help you prepare and present your case persuasively, improving your chances of success.

Getting professional help can be very helpful because applying for political asylum is a difficult legal process. You can handle the asylum procedure with confidence if you have the knowledge and support of the immigration attorneys at Arvian Law Firm fighting for your rights and well-being.

Please be aware that this information is broad in nature and shouldn’t be taken as legal counsel. It is always advised to speak with an immigration attorney about your unique situation to get tailored advice.

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