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Family Immigration to the USA

Family Reunification in the USA: How to Get a Green Card for a Spouse

Do you want your spouse to join you in the USA and get a Green Card? If you are a US citizen or Green Card holder, you can file for family reunification.

To start the process, you need to file Form I-130. In it, you state your desire to sponsor your spouse for an immigration visa. Evidence of your concluded marriage is attached:

– Copy of marriage certificate

– Passport-style photos of the spouses

– Documents on previous marriages and divorces (if any)

– Documents on name/surname changes (if any). For example: marriage and divorce certificates, court decisions, adoption/fostering documents, etc.

You also need to confirm your status as a sponsor – a US citizen or Green Card holder. The following documents should be provided:

– Copy of valid US passport

– Copy of US birth certificate or consular report of birth abroad (if you were born abroad but to US citizen parents)

– Copy of naturalization certificate

– Copy of citizenship certificate

– Copy of Green Card

If the spouse is already in the US legally, they can apply for Adjustment of Status – getting a Green Card without leaving the country. However, Form I-130 itself does not grant immigration status. So it’s important to maintain legal status until getting the Green Card.

If the marriage was less than 2 years at the time of getting the Green Card, the spouse receives a conditional Green Card for 2 years. To remove conditions, Form I-751 must be filed 90 days before expiration of the conditional card.

In summary, the family reunification process in the USA requires time and effort. But if you are ready to provide all required documents and evidence, you will be able to get a Green Card for your spouse.

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