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L-1A Visa: Transfer of managers and opening of new offices in the United States

The L-1A visa is a specific subclass within the non-immigrant L-1 visa program, designed to facilitate the transfer of managers or executives from parent or subsidiary companies, as well as branches located outside the United States. Furthermore, the L-1A allows foreign companies that do not yet have affiliated offices in the United States to send staff to establish a new office.

In order to acquire an L-1A visa, one must satisfy the subsequent criteria:
– It is required to have a minimum of one year of job with a pertinent international organization within the three years before to entering the United States. This employment can be substantiated by payment statements, salary records, tax returns indicating employment, and other relevant documentation.
– The primary objective for admission into the United States is to engage in the provision of executive or managerial services to a branch of the employer or its subsidiaries.
– Executive capabilities refer to an employee’s aptitude for making significant decisions and operating autonomously at a high level, without requiring constant supervision and oversight.
– Management abilities encompass the ability to effectively supervise and direct subordinates, as well as administer the operations of an entity or division. Incorporating the capacity to execute organizational duties proficiently without the need for continuous oversight or regulation.

In order for foreign employers to facilitate the relocation of their employees to the United States as managers or executives for the purpose of establishing a new office, it is imperative that they fulfill the subsequent stipulations:
– The employer is obligated to furnish suitable physical facilities for the establishment of the new office.
– The applicant is required to have held a managerial position for a minimum of one year within the three years preceding the submission of their application.
– The executive or management role of the applicant will be retained by the proposed U.S. office for a duration of one year subsequent to the approval of the petition.

The L-1A visa is initially granted for a duration of up to three years, with the possibility of extension for an additional four years. The maximum duration of authorized stay for an L-1A visa is a period of seven years.

When employees arrive in the United States with the purpose of establishing a new office, they are provided with an initial period of stay that is limited to a maximum duration of one year.

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