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P-1A Visa for Athletes in the USA: Who Can Get It and How

The P-1A visa allows foreign athletes to temporarily stay in the USA to participate in sporting events. Let’s look at who can qualify for this visa.

Requirements for P-1A candidates:

  • Internationally recognized athletes. Fame in their sport in more than one country is required. Participation in competitions with a worldwide reputation.
  • Members of sports teams with international recognition. The entire team must be famous in this sport.
  • Professional athletes as part of a team belonging to an association of six or more professional sports teams with total annual income exceeding $10 million.
  • Athletes or coaches of foreign amateur teams located in the USA. The team must consist of at least 15 members.
    Professional athletes or amateurs temporarily staying in the USA for theatrical ice skating performances.

How to get a P-1A

To apply for a P-1A visa, a US sponsor must complete Form I-129 for the athlete. After approval, documents can be submitted to the US Embassy:

  • Form DS-160
  • Photos
  • Passport
  • Payment of the consular fee

Spouses and children under 21 can get a P-4 visa. It does not allow work but allows studying.

Getting a P-1A visa requires meeting certain criteria. With proper paperwork, chances of approval are high.

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