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Sealed declaration

When entering the United States, you must present a sealed declaration.

Everyone entering the United States, whether a US visitor or a US citizen, must complete and submit a customs declaration. (Declaration of Customs). Customs declarations are issued and completed prior to arrival or at the American border crossing point, whether on board an aircraft or a cruise liner.

You can finish the declaration in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Polish, or Dutch. The declaration must be completed in a single copy, preferably in printed letters that are legible. A family declaration is provided for entering families, and one copy is filled out for each family member.

Personal stuff such as clothing, jewelry, and toiletries should not be mentioned.

The following information must be stated on the customs declaration to be completed upon entry into the United States:

1) the name, surname, and father’s surname;
2) birth date (day, month, and year in each column separately);
How many family members will be traveling with you? (The answer is in numbers.)
4) The address in the United States where you will dwell. Street, house number, name of apartment or hotel, city, and state;
5) The country where you received your passport;
6) your passport number; your country of permanent residency;
8) Countries you visited before arriving in the United States during this trip;
9) The name of the airline and the flight number on which you arrived, or the name of the vessel;
10) Is your vacation for business or pleasure?
11) At this point, you must identify whether you are carrying the following items: – fruits, vegetables, plants, seeds, food, insects; meat products, animals, products of animal origin, wildlife; – pathogenic bacteria, fibrous cultures, scabies; – soil or were recently on a farm, ranch, or pastures;
Have you ever been near livestock, such as a zoo?
13) whether you import cash or assets valued at more over $10,000, or the equivalent in foreign currency;
Have you any business goods (i.e., items for sale, samples for advertising/receiving orders, and items not designed for your needs);
15) In the U.S. resident column, enter the total worth of all products acquired abroad, including commercials (including gifts and souvenirs, but excluding goods sent to the United States by post).

The following items are not permitted to enter the United States: narcotic and powerful drugs; medicines that have not passed the FDA’s certification of pornographic materials; rare and extinct species of animals and birds; and fireworks; toxic or toxic substances; weapons or ammunition, etc.

It is critical to read the directions on the reverse of the form before signing it. It includes thorough directions on how to complete the declaration and what information to enter.

The declaration includes a table where you can input valuable information for the declaration. The first column describes the object, while the second column shows its monetary value. The third column is kept blank because it is only filled by the Customs Service. The total value of all the things listed in the column “Total” is given at the end of the table.

After completing the declaration, you must sign it and give the current date in the format month/day/year. Your signature and date confirm your agreement to the information in the declaration.

To fill out the customs declaration correctly and accurately, you must follow the directions and instructions on the form. This will aid in the avoidance of issues and the simplification of the customs control process.

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