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Filing an Appeal with USCIS

A Notice of Appeal or Motion is a request to USCIS asking them to reconsider an unfavorable decision made on your petition or application.

A motion to reconsider is a request for USCIS to review an adverse decision, but with a new legal argument asserting that the decision was incorrect.

Using the same evidence, you need to present an argument showing that USCIS made a mistake in its decision regarding your application, usually in the case of a denial. Additionally, you need to prove that the evidence you presented warrants approval.

Crafting a legal argument, especially within the short 30-day timeframe, is a complex process.
If USCIS issues an unfavorable decision on your application or petition, you may have the option to file a motion or appeal that decision.

Filing Form I-290B involves interacting with the AAO or USCIS, which can be intimidating and complicated. Without understanding the legal system, you risk receiving a denial on the I-290B. However, with an experienced attorney on your side, the process of filing motions or appeals becomes more accessible.

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