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How to Obtain US Citizenship

There are several ways to obtain US citizenship. These include:
– Naturalization after long-term residence in the US with official permanent resident status;
– Service in the US military;
– Marriage to a US citizen;
– Being the child of a US citizen;
– Through political asylum.

By obtaining a US passport, you can live, work, study, receive medical, social and legal assistance from the government without any restrictions, participate in elections and national referendums.

US law does not require you to renounce your previous passport when granting US citizenship, so you can retain your status in your home country.

To obtain an American passport, you must meet one of the requirements:
– Have at least one parent who is a US citizen;
– Reside in the US as a Lawful Permanent Resident for 5 years or 3 years in the case of marriage to an American citizen;
– Service in the US military for a minimum of 1 year and have LPR status at the time of filing the application;
– Be born on US territory.

Naturalization in the US is the process of obtaining citizenship through long-term US residence. To obtain an American passport through naturalization, you must file Form N-400 with USCIS.

You can obtain US citizenship through naturalization if you meet the following requirements:
– Be physically present in the US as a permanent resident for 5 years and at least 30 months immediately preceding the date of filing;
– You have resided in the state or USCIS district having jurisdiction over your place of residence for at least 3 months prior to filing citizenship documents;
– Demonstrate good moral character for 5 years prior to filing the naturalization application and up until taking the oath;
– You are able to read, write and speak English and are familiar with US history and basic constitutional provisions.

To obtain citizenship, foreign applicants must provide evidence of eligibility, pass a language test (Civic test), and take an exam on US history and government.

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