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Talent visa – gather evidence first and then go to a lawyer or vice versa?

We strongly advise consulting an immigration attorney before beginning any extensive document gathering. Schedule a paid consultation to initially understand visa qualification criteria and determine if your background seems potentially suitable. Many law firms will credit such consultation fees toward future working retainers.

This upfront legal guidance can outline evidentiary requirements and help focus document procurement in the most productive directions. Attorneys can specify if assets like academic publications, expertise testimonials, membership honors, etc. appear sufficient to potentially warrant formal application efforts. Or alternatively, they may recommend boosting certain credential areas first.

While firms have different consultation policies, these vital early needs assessment can clarify any substantive gaps to fill and realistically calibrate if dedicating resources toward formally applying currently seems prudent or may require more time accruing achievements. It also initiates the relationship with legal counsel who can orchestrate compilation strategies.

In summary, commencing document aggregation blindly without objective expert input risks wasted energy and resources. An early investment in legal guidance is prudent to size up your qualifications and determine strategic targeting of credentials development if required. Ongoing attorney coordination can then streamline efforts applying this initial feedback.

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