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USCIS 2023 results

USCIS shared its results for the past 2023 fiscal year.

Against the backdrop of the ongoing crisis on the southern border and the problem of funding Ukraine and Israel, USCIS publishes its results for 2023. Just after the House of Representatives announced the impeachment of Alejandro Mayorkas (head of DHS).

The original article lists a huge amount of data, we have carefully studied it and will share with you the most important information, in our opinion. We’ll have to summarize briefly due to the Instagram limit.
1. Record number of cases processed.

USCIS processed 10 million transactions (forms, requests, etc.) in fiscal year 2023, up 15% from 2022 (8.7 million) and 30% from 2021 (7.7 million). This is the highest number in USCIS history, surpassing the previous record of 9.7 million in 2007.

2. Reduction of backlogs.
For the first time in a decade, USCIS has reduced case processing backlogs. The average waiting time for a decision on a case has been reduced by 20%. From 12 months in 2022 to 9.6 months in 2023.

3. Launching and improving existing online services (myProgress etc). USCIS also launched a new online interview application system.

4. Humanitarian assistance.
USCIS continued to assist those seeking refuge from persecution, violence, and other emergency situations.
Processed 350,000 asylum applications. Compared to 2022 an increase of 10% (320,000) and compared to 2021 an increase of 25% (280,000).

Provided 250,000 work permits to persons eligible for refugee or temporary protected status.

Key figures for fiscal year 2023:
– Processed 10 million requests at USCIS;
– Conducted 100,000 asylum interviews;
– Approved over 1 million naturalization applications (a record in the last 15 years);
– Over 11 million requests received by USCIS;
– 5 million calls to the Immigration Service.

You can judge for yourself how much all these data correspond to reality. After all, over the past year, the number of people wishing to enter the United States has almost doubled (+2.5 million people) and the problems at the southern border are not pulled out of thin air.

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