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Family Immigration to the USA

How to Immigrate to the United States in 2023

The question of immigration to the USA remains urgent in 2023, just as in 2022. The war in Ukraine continues, forcing not only Ukrainians but many others to seek legal ways to move to the United States. If you are considering relocation, you need to prepare carefully and choose the right path.

We will outline the most popular immigration methods. For some, having substantial funds will be enough. Others may qualify by being professionals in their field. Some will try their luck in the DV Lottery, etc.

Enter the DV Lottery 2025 – this needs no explanation. You submit your application and await the lottery results. This path will be especially relevant now, with registration opening soon.

Apply for Political Asylum if your rights are violated in your home country due to political persecution, intolerance of religion, orientation, genocide, etc.

EB-5 is for those with extensive financial means who can invest over $1,800,000 in a new US enterprise and create at least 10 American jobs.

Family reunification. Perhaps the simplest and most reliable way to immigrate, but long wait times of 10-15 years if reuniting with a 2nd preference relative.

Popular work visas like J-1, L1, and H-1B. L-1/L2 visas suit those working for international companies with offices or headquarters in the US. You can later adjust status to permanent residence.
K-1 fiance/fiancee visa – marrying a US citizen.

O, P visas for artists, athletes – can also lead to status adjustment.

EB-4 for religious workers and former employees of US diplomatic missions abroad.

We strongly advise against staying in the US illegally, working without authorization, or not paying taxes. Violating laws leads to serious consequences that may permanently bar you from the US.

Arvian Law Firm provides a free initial consultation for those interested in immigrating legally. Contact us to schedule.

With proper preparation and the right visa pathway, many foreign nationals can successfully immigrate to the United States. Our attorneys are here to help you understand your options.

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